Friday, September 9, 2011

Garden Report 09.09.11

While the weather is cooling off outside (in the 50s, 60s and 70s this week!), I'm slowly growing herbs for the winter and starting plants for next year.We've slept with the windows open all week. I love this weather!
Next week, after I take my last exam, I'll repot some of these herbs into larger pots. I don't want them getting all scraggly like the dill has gotten!
I've decided cumin is not a plant to start from seed. I bought new seed this year and none of it sprouted. I planted it multiple times, and the seeds all molded before they sprouted. But all the other seeds around them, of different herbs, sprouted without molding. 
The artichokes I planted to get a head start on next year's garden. I planted some this spring that have been outside all summer and they don't look near as healthy as these that I planted inside a couple weeks ago!
 I also started some wildflowers to put behind the greenhouse and in the beds in front of the house.
The only eggplant that has set on is on the plant that I did not use fertilizer on. The other plants are twice as large but haven't bloomed. I applied fertilizer twice, at the interval and amount as suggested on the package. To remember which plants had fertilizer, I only fertilized the ones with the identification tags. So one out of every 4 peppers, one out of every 2 tomatoes were fertilized. Same thing happened with the tomatoes; the ones that weren't fertilized produced more tomatoes. I think the fertilizer I used had too high of a nitrogen content, but it was stuff I had sitting around and wanted to use up. Guess I'll find a different fertilizer for next year!
Since it was cool this week, I put several plants in the greenhouse. Left to right: Golden Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary.
These are the four surviving artichokes out of the dozen or so that sprouted this spring. See how small they are in comparison to the others that I started inside recently?

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