Friday, April 13, 2012

Bee-lieve it or not

 Yesterday afternoon, another package arrived. It was like Christmas again. Even though I knew what would be in the box (replacements parts for our honey bee hive, and some new equipment), it was still exciting to open the box.
Yes, you read that correctly: BEES

 Here's our new smoker. You smoke the hive when you open it so the bees aren't as crazy.
 The rest of the goodies: new frames, new wax foundation, bee brush, queen excluder and foundation pins.
 And some curiosity from one of the extremely pregger momma-cats. Everyday I come home expecting to see new kittens, but she still walks around lovin' on my legs and purring.

The bees arrive on Monday or Tuesday!

We have a lot of construction to do between now and then.

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