Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garden Update 4.1.12

The little red wagon from my childhood proves pretty handy during planting season. See it here, loaded down with blueberry planting supplies, seeds, asparagus and rhubarb.

Friday, Dad and I planted 6 blueberry plants, in the method recommended by the local nursery, Sunny Hill. First, we mixed in peat moss into the soil, to help it retain more moisture. Then we planted each blueberry and watered them in with the fertilizer in the white container. Then we sprinkled the stuff in the yellow bag, which will make the soil more acidic. It's the same soil additive that makes hydrangeas blue.

From west to east, the blueberry varieties are: Duke, Jersey, Bluecrop, two of each plant.

I weeded the asparagus bed but didn't have time to plant the new asparagus.

But we did get in four rows of peas, two rows each of Eclipse and Early Frosty. We put in old carrot seed (Red Core Chantenay and Tonda di Parigi) in the old blackberry area. And kale and bordeaux spinach in another section of old blackberries.

Grandma has cabbage started in the window.

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