Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bee Story

If these bees could speak, they would say:

Back in the Spring of 2012, we moved from Clarkson, Kentucky, to Whitewater, Missouri. "We" as in me, all my sisters (the worker bees), and a foster mom (the queen bee).
The three pound package arrived in the mail - I had to pick it up from the local post office.

a pound of bees is approximately 3,500 bees

Then we moved into this huge one room house, where I had to share a bed (wax foundation + frame) with my sisters.
The lower box of the hive, the brood box, holds 10 frames that are about 8" deep x 16" long.

We were treated like royalty for the first couple days, and were given a huge free bottle of intoxicant as a house-warming gift (quart jar of sugar water). Then, we started to explore and make our own intoxicant (honey).
The can on top of the hive is the sugar water that traveled with the bees. The jar on the lower right of the hive is the sugar water I made for them.

The little red wagon is getting a work out this year.
Honestly, though, installing the bees in the hive wasn't very hard. I watched several videos on youtube.com. but this one was the most helpful:

There were quite a few bees that didn't want to come out of their travel box, so I set the box up in front of the hive entrance. Hopefully the box is empty when I arrive home tonight and I can take it away!

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