Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now you see it

 I had some requests for photos that have certain items identified.

Photo by me

Above are pollen cells circled. 

Photo from my brother Daniel

 Above, larve are circled. They look like white worms.
Photo from my brother

Above is the queen. See how her body is longer than the other bees' bodies?

Photo by me
Remember how we rearranged the frames so the bees wouldn't feel so crowded, so they would maybe stop building queen cells and not swarm? Well, instead of spreading out on all the frames, they abandoned some of them and are now clustered on the four frames farthest from the feeder. Last week they were clustered on the four frames at the feeder.

In the center of the above photo is one of the queen cells they had started. You can also see a lot of pollen stored in the comb.

The next three photos are from Mom.
My brother Daniel and I

Daniel and I again

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