Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Garden Report 4.4.12

 The blueberries are taking off! Check out the leaves!

 You know it's time to plant the asparagus when it starts sprouting in the bag...
Goldcot Apricot
 The apricot and pear trees are showing some green, but not the peaches yet.
Apricot close-up
Bartlett Pear

 I planted the asparagus yesterday. On the east side of the bed is last year's asparagus. I'm assuming Mom planted 10 crowns, and they all came up this year. I planted another 10 crowns on the west side of the bed.

In addition, I also planted:
2 rhubarb roots, where the old blackberries were, at least until the other raised bed is ready for them
Imperator Carrots
Purple Plum Radish
German Giant Radish
Red Ace Beet
Green Ice Lettuce
Hollow Crown Parsnips (old seed)
Rocky Top lettuce mix (old seed)
European Mesclun Salad (old seed)

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