Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Two: Bee Story

 I went out to check on the bees yesterday. They ate an entire jar of sugar water. The first day I gave them an old Classico pasta sauce jar full of 1:1 sugar water, which held about 20 ounces. Yesterday I increased to a quart jar (32 ounces). I checked out several bee books from the local library, and they say to feed sugar water until the bees stop eating it, sometimes a month or more of feeding. I came to the realization that I probably need to buy sugar in bulk; 5 pound packages aren't going to last very long!

I'll probably take the grass out of the entrance today. I put it there during bee installation to keep them from flying out as much. But it also helps keep nosy neighbors (wasps) out of the hive.
I was glad to see the bees started housekeeping. There were some dead bees in the travel cage that fell into the hive when I dumped in the bees. The worker bees have pushed the dead bees out on the ground near the hive entrance. See the middle of the photo by the concrete blocks; the golden spots are dead bees.

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