Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Askinosie aka Chocolate heaven

We have a local chocolate maker here in Springfield: Askinosie Chocolate. Saturday they had a 40% off sale on the chocolates that have received awards this year. I couldn't resist. This is what $80 worth of chocolate looks like, pre-40% discount. (After discount, it was $51 and I picked it up at the store since it's on my home from work.)

I ordered a jar of Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (like Nutella I've been told), 2x 72% Tanzania Dark Chocolate Bar, 2x White Chocolate Nibble Bar, 2x 70% San Jose Del Tambo Chocolate Bar. I could eat all of this myself, over several weeks or months, but a certain Mom and Aunt have birthdays this month, and another certain Aunt is celebrating 20 years with her employer this month. So I'm sharing.

I love the packaging for Askinosie chocolate. It's a paper sleeve tied with a string. The chocolate bars were wrapped up in this padded paper sleeve.

The chocolate is inside a plastic sleeve, and the chocolate is imprinted with "Askinosie Chocolate". Love it.
The last time I bought their chocolate, I don't think it had nutrition info on it. Maybe it did and I wasn't paying attention. This is the kind of chocolate that is rationed though. I only eat one square at a time. (They're $8 bars of chocolate!) Maybe they are meant to be eaten quickly like a Hershey's, but I doubt it. I savor each bite.
I decided to try the White Chocolate Nibble Bar first. Delicious. White chocolate with chunks of cocoa bean nibs.
If you're a chocolate lover, you need to check out their website and their chocolate. Here in Springfield, I've seen their chocolate at Harter House and Mama Jeans, and when I was in Kansas City last year I saw some at a grocery store. Their factory/store is on Commercial street.

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