Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hungry yet?

I replanted some seeds today. I planted the rest of the onion plants in the 4x4 bed with the sage and garlic, in the spot where the rhubarb used to be. It started coming up earlier and then we got hit with a couple frosts and it never rebounded. I planted endive in a bald spot of dirt in the strawberry bed. I planted Red Mexican Hat wildflower and Yellow Coneflower behind the greenhouse to fill in some holes. When I got home from work, I took the flat of seedlings out to the front porch to get some evening sun. They'll come back in tonight, but I need to start leaving them outside for a couple hours a day to get acclimated.

Bike ride results for the day: 2.49 miles in 15:39 minutes. I haven't ridden in several days because I haven't been feeling well. Last Thursday I woke up with what I thought was allergies: sneezing, runny nose. So I bought some Sudafed. Then Saturday I woke up feeling feverish, added sore throat and a cough to the mix, one of those coughs that makes you think a lung is going to come loose. Still have a runny nose and a slight cough, but naps and Robitussin are fixing that. Didn't think it was a good idea to ride a bike feeling so beat up. Today I felt a lot better though.

Lots of strawberries are setting on!
Sorry about the bad lighting. The sun was on the far side of the plant so the berries were in shade...
I understand these parsnips not germinating, as they were last year's seed.

But I don't understand these carrots

Or these carrots. As both varieties were new seed packaged for this year.
These beets get a pass. They were last year's seed. But the other beets I planted from last year did well...

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