Monday, May 23, 2011

A weekend in the life of Anna

I went to the farmer's market in the morning and then came back and worked on the greenhouse and garden. Yesterday however, we went to the lake bright at early. As we were leaving Lake Stockton, it started sprinkling. Then it seemed like the moment we got home it started pouring. Then there was devastation last night in Joplin. For photos, see here:

I'm going to try menu planning. At least to the point where I can purchase groceries more efficiently. On the books for this week:
Enchilada Casserole (a recipe from the Mother In Law. I thought I posted it on here, but I can't find a link to it)
The Couscous dish takes one leek, but they're sold in a bundle of three, so there may be Potato Leek Soup (also from The Joy of Cooking) this week as well. 
Baked Cheese Grits (I'm going to make these Saturday morning) All I can say is Mmmmm... cheese, grits and eggs. (Oh, and this is from The Joy of Cooking as well... I think I need to venture out of this cookbook next week.)

Also, I have a feeling I'll be eating a lot of salad soon, so I got buttermilk to make ranch dressing, and to make garlic cheese biscuits (from The Taste of Home Baking Book).
The verdict on the cuban bean soup from last week? Amazing. It's probably the best seasoned soup I've ever had, AND the Hubs ate some!
The Hubs with the smallest bass I've ever seen. We brought home two walleye to eat and he probably caught half a dozen other fish, but they weren't big enough to keep.

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Wilma said...

I think the hook and bait must be just about as big as that fish!

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