Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Report 05.13.11

Yesterday, blogger was down, so you get two days worth of harvest today!

4 oz. strawberries

5 oz strawberries
2.5 oz mixed greens
1 oz spinach

Total to date:
24 oz strawberries
4.5 mixed greens
13 oz spinach

I should note that the mixed greens are "baby greens" now. They are small and there aren't very many of them, but I know soon there will be soooo many that I will have to share with coworkers!

Yesterday, I also went on a bike ride. 3.04 miles in 20 minutes, average speed of 9.16 mph. Next week is bike to work week but I'm not sure if that will be happening. It's supposed to be colder and I have to drive to West Plains on Monday for a client meeting... We'll see as it gets closer. I was hoping for another "training" ride today, but it has been drizzling all afternoon.

Last night the seedlings stayed in the greenhouse. I've been leaving them on the back stoop during the day to get acclimated but last night I decided to leave them out. It probably stayed pretty warm in there. It's usually 20-30 degrees warmer inside the greenhouse than the outside temperature. I watered them with 1/2 strength fish emulsion fertilizer. That's probably the third time I've done so this season.

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