Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Report & Plan 05.18.2011

I tried to scale down the tomato and pepper operations this year. Here's what I have available to transplant into the garden:

2 Amish Paste
4 Thessaloniki
3 Black Cherry
4 Quadrato d'Asti Rosso
4 Golden Marconi
2 Banana Pepper
3 Poblano

I will probably actually plant 2 of each tomato and pepper and keep the others in pots "just in case" the transplants die or get taken out by the water hose. Yes, that happened last year.

Need to buy:

This year has gotten away from me. Probably because I'm distracted by other things like reading and biking.

Other things still to plant:
Green Beans
According to the MU Extension planting calendar, I have until May 30 to get these in the ground. Same time limit for tomatoes and peppers. I told you I was distracted. Usually I'm checking the almanac several times a week to make sure I have the right "last frost" date in my head but I haven't looked once this year!

And I've decided I need another raised bed. I think the best place for it is between the garage and an existing 4x8 bed. I'm cramming other things into the asparagus bed because I don't have enough room. Right now I have a lot of herbs and some flowers growing with the asparagus and I think they are hindering the asparagus. Since the rhubarb didn't come back this year, I think I'll convert that 4x4 bed into an herb bed, and use the new 4x8 bed for flowers.

I also need to build a raised bed for the grape vines I brought back. They were Grandma Hadsall's and Aunt Patty took cuttings and got them started. I have two and they are sitting in a bag of dirt inside a styrofoam cooler on the front porch. I want to plant them on the west side of the greenhouse, the north end, where there is siding and not acrylic paneling. I also have to come up with some kind of trellis. What's holding me up is the greenhouse trim. My friend's dad is supposed to be coming over to make corners and flashing with a metal brake and coil stock, and I've been reminding her for the last four months, but it still isn't done. Granted, it's free because she's my friend, but I am paying with beer and grilled food.

Tonight I also screwed down the trellis for the cukes/zukes/squash.

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