Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garden report

Saturday, Melissa's dad and brother came over to put trim on the greenhouse. Now I just need to get in gear and paint the siding! Melissa's dad does metal siding for a living, and he brought over a coil of white stock and his sheet metal brake and bent it right in my back yard.

All the shelves are installed now. I'm going to start artichokes inside this year and transplant them out next spring.
My chemical shelf: organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer. There's some leftover miracle grow from our last house, where we didn't have any nitrogen in the soil. And Roundup that I spray around the house foundation to keep weeds from growing in it. (The foundation was poured with gravel that's about 3/8" diameter, with barely any sand, so weeds get seeded in it really easily. It doesn't have a smooth surface.)
The Charentais Melons have germinated. After I took this photo, I put diatomaceous earth on them. I'm going to try to stay ahead of squash bugs this year. I say that every year, and if I'm unable to grow squash this year, I may not ever try again.

The little leaves are basil seedlings!

The darker dirt area on the left is cilantro, and there's also a row on the right and some toward the top of the photo.

Green beans!

Harvest totals:
Spinach: 17 oz
Mixed greens: 13 oz
Strawberries: 61.5 oz

It occurred to me this weekend that when I write down prices at the store, I should probably write down organic veggies since I stay away from fertilizers.

This week on the menu:
Polenta-Crusted Fish Cakes with Spicy Tomato Sauce (from Food & Wine May 2011)
Michelle's Turkey Burgers with Lemon Mayonnaise (named after First Lady Michelle Obama, from Food &Wine July 2010)

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