Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I'm glad we don't have a community garden

...Or maybe why we should have a community garden. (If I see an empty garden bed, I want to fill it!)

My mother in law's raised beds were going to sit empty this summer. Until last weekend when the Hubs suggested we plant extra peppers down there so we have extra to freeze and eat this winter.

He didn't have to suggest that twice.

Here's what Terry had in place: 3 raised beds approximately 4'x8' each. The one closest to the front had nothing in it. The one in the middle had four strawberry plants down the middle. The far bed had one tomato plant. They all had lots of bermuda grass sneaking in under the edges; I spent almost half an hour just pulling weeds.
I always get bermuda grass and crab grass confused. I always think crab grass should be the one that sends out runners or "crabs", but it's actually bermuda grass that does that.

I went to Schaffitzel's and spent a little over $12 on 13 plants. For perspective... I went to the farmer's market this weekend and spent $9 on three eggplant.
 I was pleased to see Schaffitzel's has a lot more heirloom varieties this year than in previous years. I will definitely go there next year for eggplant. I also picked up a bay tree.

 Here's what we have now:
4 Banana Bill
 3 Ancho (Poblano)
 3 Golden California Wonder
 In the middle bed:
3 Valencia
I planted these between the strawberries so the strawberries can still send out runners.
 And in the last bed I planted a 6 pack of Health Kick. They're a paste tomato like a Roma.
 This Lemon Boy is what Terry had in the bed originally and I left it. It will be delicious too!
 I entered all of these plants into my Harvest Tracking spreadsheet and will be tracking these separately from the ones I grew from seed.
 And now, Mom, I need some help identifying bugs. These huge ants have taken over the backs of the leaves of my sunflowers. Which wouldn't be a big deal except they're also all over my artichokes and beans.
I can't tell if the ants are eating these other little bugs, or is that what ant larva look like? Any ideas?

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