Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Something cool & possible bad news

Infographic: Home gardening in the U.S. | MNN - Mother Nature Network

I came across this article. It seems I fit into the typical statistics for a U.S. gardener: female, college degree, and growing most of the "most popular vegetables" except for corn (and adding a few that aren't popular). My garden, not including the greenhouse is about 185 square feet, so my garden is twice the average. I can't imagine having a smaller garden! I think my garden is tiny! I am doing a really good job of tracking my harvest so far, so I should have some idea of investment vs. return at the end of the season.

On other note, yesterday the guys at work noticed my car making a funny noise. I noticed when I started it, it sounded like the starter kept spinning even after the car had started. So the Hubs took it to the mechanic today and his preliminary thought is it's the timing belt. But he won't have time to tear into it for a couple days. So the Hubs is riding the motorcycle and I'm driving the truck. Here's to hoping it doesn't rain! I can probably hitch a ride with a coworker, who I gave rides to for awhile...

In the garden:
Today I harvested another artichoke and an ounce of peas. That brings the artichoke harvest to 2 and the pea total to 5 oz. Have I mentioned that's without the shells? The artichokes have paid for themselves. The package of artichoke seeds was $2.50, artichokes at the store are $3 a piece and I've harvested 2, which translates to $6! I "saved" $3.50 by growing my own artichokes, and that's just from one plant!

Some of the Golden Marconi pepper plants have blooms on them. The spinach is looking really pale, and some of it has started bolting. The lettuce is still looking ok. The onions look better than any onions I've ever grown. There must be something to this whole trench of fertilizer between rows planting method! Mental note for next time I grow leeks: don't put so much straw on top of them because it will choke out 50% of them!

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