Sunday, June 12, 2011

Off the regular schedule...

I've been super busy this week. I ended up putting in 10 hours of overtime this week to try getting caught up on a project I'm working on. Actually, several projects. I brought home work to do today, and we'll see if I get to it.
Yesterday, we finished the front porch. Photos to come later this afternoon when I'm not parked in the yard. We put on railings, lattice and the Hubs made a custom condensate pan for our air conditioner so our new decking doesn't rot out! It is so beautiful, and it's nice to sit in my Adirondack chair without fear that I'll fall through the decking!
Between all this work and the house projects, I'm also studying for my CSI Certified Construction Specifier exam, and need to start working on my last (again, because it's a retake) architecture exam, Schematic Design. I can take Schematic Design in early September (There's a six month waiting period between when you first take it, and when you are allowed to retake it.) The CSI exam has an exam window of September 26 to October 8. I laid out a 12 week plan for studying, but figured if I started early that would build in a couple weeks like this week where I'm mentally incapable of studying.
Right now I have Oatmeal Muffins in the oven. Photos of those to come too.

Garden report:
I noticed on Thursday that the tarragon sprouted in the greenhouse. Yesterday, several of the artichoke seeds sprouted.
Yesterday morning I harvested an ounce of peas, and Friday evening another 3 oz of mixed greens. That brings the mixed greens total to 22.5 oz for the season, with more to harvest this week.

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